Inaugurated in 1995, El Ciervo Hotel de Xares, became a reality thanks to the vision and commitment of a group of entrepreneurs from this community who foresaw the opportunity to turn their project into an exponent of this locality and, at the same time, offer a relevant contribution to the local economy...

   As it was expected, the establishment of this hotel in the area, brought positive consequences to the region with the creation of the largest private Bio-Reserve in Galicia and one of the biggest hunting grounds in Spain with its 2000 hectares and totally fenced perimeter..

 The hotel got its name from the 16 points deer that very regularly visited the work site while it was under construction. As a homage and in recognition of such a honorable visitor, the Board of Directors placed a monument at the entrance of the hotel to represent the magnificence of the species which roam in large herds in most of Galicia´s landscape.

  On July 27th of that year, El Ciervo Hotel opened its doors to the public in an event which was attended by a large group of relevant personalities of that time, including the President of La Xunta de Galicia and greatest promoter of tourism in this province, worldwide, D. Manuel Fraga Iribarne.

  Ever since that date, El Ciervo Hotel, has become a reference destination for those who enjoy adventure-filled eco-tourism and want, or need, to free themselves from the routine imposed in the cities.
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